About Me

Praat Replacement Icon

This is a bit of a weird one; I came across an application called Praat (don't laugh) on MacUpdate. It's something to do with speech analyzation and only of use to a specific group of people, but what struck me about it was the icon. It looks like it was drawn in MS Paint by a child! Most of the comments on MacUpdate for this app were about the quality of the icon rather than the app itself (which, by all accounts, is excellent), so I decided to make a replacement for it. This is the result...


I showed an early preview of it to the users of the app ages ago, and they have been begging me to finish and release it ever since. Incidentally, I offered it to the developers themselves, and they didn't want to use it! So, here it is for anyone to use, in three variations, if not for Praat, then maybe for something similar?

Remembrance Poppy Icon

The 9th of November 2008 is Remembrance Sunday, which marks the end of the First World War, and a day on which we in the UK remember the men and women in our armed forces who lost their lives protecting others. It is traditional to wear a poppy on this day, or to lay a wreath of poppies on a memorial to such people. I have created this icon of such a poppy to use as you will, and to raise awareness of The Poppy Appeal, a charity which serves to offer financial, social and emotional support to our ex-servicemen.


Pumpkin Icon

Just in time for Hallowe'en, I felt like making a Pumpkin icon. There are actually three variations of this one; two lit and one unlit. I couldn't decide between realistic detail and dramatic effect for the lit one, so I did both. A perfect representation of my own pumpkin this year, it took about 4 hours of purely Photoshop. Enjoy!


Canon Printer Icon

I saw an awesome icon of a Canon Printer today. It wasn't the model I own, but it got me thinking about creating one of my own, so here it is; a Canon PIXMA IP5200R. It took about 8 hours of pure Photoshop. Maybe someone can make use of this.


New website!

So, I finally managed to get something out there. My first offering is a few small collections of photographic wallpapers. I'm no professional photographer, all of these were simply shot with a compact digital camera whilst on holiday or out and about... but of the several hundred taken on each occasion, I have selected the best. Maybe someone might want to use them as wallpaper, so here they are.