About Me

A small change of style

I decided to tweak the style of the website a little bit. This will probably become a frequent occurrence as I tire easily of designs, especially if they're a bit plain. The blue doesn't seem like much of a change, but what about the zebra striped download backgrounds? Too much?

I was messing around with using different Apple wallpapers to display my icons and such against, and when I got to this, I just loved it - especially against the neon blue. It's a bit 80's, a bit electro, and a bit kitsch... but what's wrong with that? If you think it's all a bit too hideous, don't be afraid to email me to let me know your thoughts.


New website!

So, I finally managed to get something out there. My first offering is a few small collections of photographic wallpapers. I'm no professional photographer, all of these were simply shot with a compact digital camera whilst on holiday or out and about... but of the several hundred taken on each occasion, I have selected the best. Maybe someone might want to use them as wallpaper, so here they are.